Sunday, October 12, 2014


Sometimes when I'm pouring over my Sophomore texts, and I'm zooming through the homework I feel Him bend down to whisper in my ear, "it's happening..." And then I see it... His plan for me in only a glimpse; anywhere I want to go. I see myself comparing Oxford and Cambridge, or University of Bordeaux. He shows me packing my things for Willian & Mary; internships in Israel, Greece and France. Then I see books, research papers, lecture tours, vacations back home simply to antagonize my brother... Maybe so our kids can have a relationship with their aunt and uncle... And bragging to him that I dug up an Assyrian toilet (since every archaeologist seems to find a toilet).

Then, of course, He reminds me that I have to finish my homework... *sighs* Yes, Abba, homework is nearly finished.