Saturday, May 17, 2014

Random writing from tonight

There are times when all you know is the desperation of pain
Sullen to the world, ignoring the Kingdom manifest
The temptation of pain is something too much
For a kid walking down a rough narrow road
And the dust kicks in your eyes to tell you, "fall down."
And the night shines its light as if to mock you when you're on the run
And the rock scrapes your knee
As you tumble to the dirt
Face plant; rant; becoming one with the earth
And the sting in your eyes makes you squint and shut 'em tight
But the blood on your knee out-cries the blood in your mouth

Face plant

But along came a Soldier, unfit for the filth
Wiping down the dusty heads that crossed His path
He laughs and shines all through His own death
But never once planted His face in anything less than a crown fit for royalty

Or the breast of the Father

And the blood on my teeth, mocking my own head
Screeched and howled as the Man walked ahead of me
And when He looked back He saw a pitiful kid
Wreathing, screaming, and howling in sorrows

He didn't seem to mind

And He fetched a pale, dipped the well, and gave me a drink
As if I WERE fit for a palace
Dabbing the dry spots, drying the soaking tears
And all I had left...

Was dignity.

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