Monday, May 5, 2014

Quick Update; Bless the L-rd...

Generally I post significantly less during the school year, yet even that has significantly decreased since my laptop went up in proverbial "flames".  But even so, life goes on, does it not?  There has been so much encouragement, mourning, sorrow, joy and pain in the last few weeks, that while I'm having a few moments in the library, I feel compelled to share a few thoughts...

First of all, the L-rd Reigns, and all the earth will be glad, even if it suffers now from the birthing pains of the Messiah.  In the last few weeks I have seen both physical and emotional trauma, healing, redemption, FREEDOM, and ones burrowing further into captivity.  I watched an "empire" begin to crumble in front of my very eyes, and I began to drift away from certain things... and begin to truly seek what the L-rd has for me.

In the last 4 months, I have gone through personal triumph with campaigning - and failing - at a presidential election for my school.  This is a triumph, because in this the L-rd began to reveal things I had not realized about myself; He began to show me the things I'm truly made of...

...But that is for another time.

The most difficult things I've been witness to was those who were once close to me began to drift away.  People began swaying to one side or the other, and dwelling in their loss of self-consciousness... in the truest sense of losing the identity of ones self.

I won't sit here and pretend that that is an easy thing to watch.  It's even harder watching, and knowing I couldn't do anything.

But the L-rd is steadfast; He is moving in so many people that it is, at times, overwhelming to be in His presence.  Overwhelming with the knowledge that regardless of pain and sorrow, He indeed has experienced this so that we may know Him and He knows our sorrows.  It's not an easy concept, but Isaiah 53 says it all, "...He is acquainted with grief, a man of sorrows..."  This scripture encapsulates one thing that we all - at one point - seem to forget: HE knows our pain.  He lived it.  He died so that our pain may die with every nail, every tear, and every drop of cleansing blood that He spilled on our behalf.

Not easy.  But it's not supposed to be.

One thing the L-rd has ultimately promised is that the easy path is never the good one.   Sure, there will be times of rejoicing, and there will be times of righteous "bliss' - but even then we are fighting.  We are winning. So long as we cling to our G-d, we are winning and yet we have already won.  Because He has already won.

I challenge you with this, and ending this short note:  Rejoice.  For the day of the L-rd is at hand!  Rejoice in the trials and suffering, and thank Him for it... not easy.  But nothing good that comes easy will last.  You are fighting the good fight, and have won your place at His throne - so long as you keep by His side.

L-rd, I pray blessing, peace, and sound dreams and thoughts over your children.  Blessing and Peace, in Your Great Name... Amen.

'Til next we meet.

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