Wednesday, April 9, 2014

"Oh, to favor the sweet hour of Zion. This, the hour of Zion..."

Oh sweet L-rd
This my hour
My fate

Oh sweet King
The hour is favored upon me
The hour I take my cross
Lift it high to You

My G-d, my G-d
My King who has saved me
Again, again...

Why must this pain wrench my heart?
The breath from my lungs
Cries for Your Great Mercies
Why must this heart ache
With the burden of the lost?
Why must this pain penetrate the flesh
And make ruin in the earth?

Oh, sweet King
I see the foot of Your Throne
And I know You have not left me here

And I tremble in Your wake
I make ashes and You turn them to dust
Upon my face
My tears stained the soot of the burden

I tremble...

You wipe my brow
And the ash rises to the Throne

And here I am
Sitting at the footstool.