Monday, February 24, 2014

The Priest and the Princess, at First They Meet

"You are so scary" He said,
"Your hair burns with the indignation of the L-rd's fire..."
I came in indignant
But not raging.

"Your eyes burn like red hot coals..."
But my gaze was not burning through him.

"Your countenance like a flaming sword...
What have I done?"
You have done nothing to harm me.

"Why do your eyes burn like the stars,
and shake the earth like a trembling quake?"

"Why does your hair burn with the incense of my G-d,
that I, a man, should feel the fear of the L-rd?"

"Why would you walk in with this authority,
and not know that here, you are safe?"

But I did not know...

"Why then, would you come here?"

I come that I may know, and taste, and see,
Freely observe and freely receive,
That I should feel no pain and sorrow.

"Why do you frighten me, so?"

Because I know not of your garden...
But the prison camp in which we were held.

And how are you different?

"Because I know not of your garden...
The prison camp in which you were held..."

And then we walked away.

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