Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Post from Facebook, Not for the Faint of Heart...

...I'm just not sure why young men and women seem to think it's "okay" to sell their bodies for a (comparatively) small profit, when in reality, they're just selling their souls... To be quite honest, I can't wait for the adventure of making love with a spiritually clean and pure man, who desires nothing but the Will of the L-rd... Not a sexual adventure, but a spiritual one of realizing that both G-d AND man can love in the same nature. I'm not trying to be graphic, but this world doesn't make sense to me... and it's actually quite sad.
 - Taken in response to a post from my Facebook page.

It's true... there's absolutely no sense in the sale of something  so precious, something we only have one of (in the world!), and something that was a gift to us from the L-rd G-d of hosts of angel armies.  To any and all young men and women who read this blog: Do NOT conform to this world!  Let G-d give you the adventures with your husband/wife; let G-d give you the "thrills"; let G-d guide you and tell the difference between the Sacred  and profane.  There is no sense in compromising your body, your love, your preferences and your heart to seek something that cannot be fulfilled... Women, please know that other girls can be just as abusive, vicious, and manipulating as men...  Do not be satisfied with the world.

If you call yourself a Christian or a Jew, then live what is written in the Law concerning your people; do NOT take your own person in vain by taking the Laws given by the Sovereign L-rd and making them less than G-dly; for He is not of our making.  He s Sovereign and Holy.

He is our G-d, and we are His people.

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