Sunday, December 29, 2013

"Dayenu (It would have been enough)"

Thank You L-rd, for Your Love and Faithfulness;
Your love endures forever!

And if we weren't led out of Egypt,
Your love would still be enough.
Carrying our sorrows and burdens
Upon the Staff of Your Salvation

And if we were slaughtered by the Pharaoh,
it would have been enough.
For no death can redeem as the Blood of Your Flesh

And if the Dead Sea drowned us,
and had our corpse lay stiff,
Your love and faithfulness endures,
and Your Majesty still would have made us alive
For there is only life in You
And our bodies lay without reason
But Your love endures forever

Your love endures through the blackest night
Candles flicker in sustaining light
Through the trials by fire
Through the mocking and cruelty
Through hell and heaven
Your love endures forever

Never letting us go...
You are Never letting us go

And we thank You, thank You
That You have become our flesh
that all disease lay upon Your breast
And that You have come and come again
And You have come and will come again

We thank You through the tears of our age
The Rock of Ages so soft upon our cheek
That You have wiped everything
from sin to sorrow
and in You, though our flesh weakened
It is weakened by Your love

We fall to our knees
And we fall to our knees...

...And if the day came
That our tears could never dry
and yet we cried out
And our tears never dried...

You would have been enough

And if our voices still cried "DELIVER US!"
You would have been enough...

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