Monday, December 2, 2013

A little tiny post...

...Right now I'm getting ready to go to bed, then wake up very early in the morning to take my final written French exam.  The L-rd has brought me so close to the goal of graduation from the junior college I'm in, and pretty soon I will be leaving my town to go to a pretty big university.  My faith is in the L-rd, always, that He will bring through these remaining two semesters, not only with a wonderful GPA in tact, but emotionally matured in areas that have not yet grown past being touched by small troubles.  But my G-d is greater than all things - He created me, and He ordained for me to be in the university for a time, then possibly on to another country entirely... He is in control, and there is not one fear that can stop Him from bringing Glory to His Name.

I ask that in the morning, I will rise with His Name upon my lips, His song upon my heart, and His words, compassion, love, and understanding in my ways.  I ask that I not only honor Him in public, but that all of my meditations and quiet moments shall indeed bring Him Glory - and bring me to an honorable place within my own mind.

L-rd, in all things I give You thanks; in all trials and sufferings, and glorious victories... to You be the Glory; forever and ever, amen.

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