Thursday, November 14, 2013

Photos from my daily commute...

Every school day I have the pleasure of commuting by foot; 2.5 miles of quiet and peace.  I like to use this time to be alone with my G-d - it has been essential for me to do so this past semester, as situations in my life have been difficult (though there is always room and chance for growth!). about two months ago, I decided to get a "Smart Phone" as I would be able to utilize some of the features, like the GPS, camera, e-mail and music applications.  It's been wonderful having it, but it is a non-essential as far as a phone goes... but that's a tangent in itself.

I have been (for the most part) attempting to be  more in the way of a photographer and trying to practice a skill that I am fairly good at.  I have taken a few  shots that remind me of some of the beauties of the world... and some of the neglect.  Some even in the same picture... These are some of the snapshots from my commute to school, as well as some other places I go.  The beauty of the L-rd surrounds us, and even when we are in a place of despair, He is still One - Echad - that no thing fashioned from the hand of man shall ever conceive of an ability that is greater than the Mighty hand of love that the L-rd, our G-d, has given to us.

Thank You L-rd for Your magnificent creation - thank You for the secret and the quiet places... amen.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Morning Prayers...

"For this reason, since the day we heard about you, we have not stopped praying for you. We continually ask God to fill you with the knowledge of his will through all the wisdom and understanding that the Spirit gives," Colossians 1:9 NIV

Blessed are You, my L-rd and G-d, King of the universe; the One Who has given me the light of Your Truth.  I ask that Your light shine today - that all things I do and say, all mistakes, all folly, and all triumph shall reflect the Glory of Your Great Love.  L-rd, in all people that I meet today, whether for the first or thousandth time, I ask that meet them right where they are - stop them in their tracks and make your presence known.  Fill this campus with the Awe and Wonder of Your flaming love and passion, and desire for Truth and Freedom.  For You alone are Worthy, You alone are Good.

L-rd, prepare me for the war, clothe and robe me in Your Honor and Strength, that no move I make shall fail, even when I fall and stumble.  Guard my heart with the flames of Your Kingdom; shower my hair in the wonders of Your Mercy; birth from this body the countenance of Your Son, that they may come to know Him - that they will know we are nothing, and You are Everything.  Hide me under the wings of Your Truth, L-rd, that I may be blind to the opportunity of sin and anger - make me slow to anger L-rd, make me quick to compassion and understanding, and the spirit to call those who sin against me to Your True Love.  Fill me with Your Love, L-rd.

Though the world seems to forget, I will not forget who You are and what You've done for us... for by Your Blood, we are free.

Amen, amen.