Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Where You go I go...

There's a time when you can freely live in humanity, then there comes a time when you must relent your humanity to the L-rd so that you will live freely in Him.

L-rd, I relent to Your commands. I give everything to You. I acknowledge my failure to be perfect, but that You love my failures - You love everything about me, including my mistakes, because those mistakes draw me closer to You. I love You, that You have never given up on me - not one person under Your authority is without Your love, but those who live in ignorance cannot know Your full amount of Glory, for they love their ignorance, and they choose not to accept Your correction.

Thank You for Your correction. Thank You for making me right in Your eyes, that You never cease to love us. Thank You for pointing out our error, that we may rectify the fallen things in our lives. Thank You for choosing us, Your children, to make note of the things that need help and deliverance. Thank You for the deliverance, that we are no longer held captive within the walls of the Pharaoh, but are held tightly in Your love - not as captives, but as co-heirs to Your eternal throne.

Thank You for Your throne, L-rd. Thank You that You sit in a place of overseeing - that we may not have a need to rely on our own near-sighted vision, but know that in Your Kingdom, all things have passed, all things prophecy is come to pass, all those who have died are living, all those who are living are walking with You within Your gates. Amen, L-rd, that we need not expect to walk without You. Amen, that we need not tarry in wait upon Your command, for Your command is always righteousness. Your command is always good. Where You go, I go, what You pray, I pray... amen.

Thank You, L-rd my G-d, You are the King of the universe, the G-d who is True and Just; You are the everlasting King of Israel.


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