Tuesday, August 6, 2013

From Facebook 8/6/2013

"All your words are true; all your righteous laws are eternal." Psalm 119:160.

It doesn't always matter which human loves us the most, or if any love us at all. All that matters is that we know that G-d loves us enough to die - more than His job, He loves us for our own unique abilities and talents, and does not desire us to be a tool, but a loving and loved servant... one who willingly teams up with Him to accomplish a mission.

Sometimes in scripture, the L-rd will whisper truths into our hearts; we have to be willing to hear and accept these truths, or else they can be skewed. The L-rd loves us, and the laws of man mean nothing in the Kingdom - the L-rd only knows two words, "Life" and "Death" and He understands all the ways we say them... love, hate, smart, stupid, believer, witch, teammate, rebel... these are all life and death words that He knows exactly how to translate, even if we don't entirely get the impact of our own vocabulary. Another truth is that He is more powerful than any death word in existence. He is more powerful than any object, any fear, and any enemy we may accrue. Believe in Him, that He may defeat all of your enemies. Believe in Him, that they may be redeemed.

Thank You L-rd for Your word, that we will never be left in the dark; thank You, that You willingly become our light in the darkness, and that Your love transcends all iniquities, piercing the darkness, which pierced and wounded Your flesh.  You are the only magnificent Father, who is worthy of all praise - we praise You L-rd, that Your Name is highly exalted and lifted up.  We thank You that our burdens may be placed upon Your shoulders, for it is You that is strong enough to lift the weight of the world. 


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