Saturday, June 22, 2013

Where am I going?

Readers and friends,

I just wanted to write a more personal note to all of you who rad my blog, and are patient with my frequent absences during the school semesters and summer sessions.  I did want to write a little about where G-d is moving me lately, and I sincerely hope and pray that some of you who read this are having questions about where G-d is leading you.

For a good long while, I have known that my ministry is going to be doing something with a higher level of education in archaeology (past the graduate level); I was puzzled as to whether I should pursue a second major, and if so, what major should it be?  I am very pleased to relay that this particular question has been answered for me... I have, for a long time, had a love and passion for the believers in France.  Those who have lived their whole lives under the protection of the Catholic church, and who believe, yet have not had the awesome experience of seeing, feeling, and knowing that G-d's presence is all around us.  This semester, I have had the honor of partaking  in the French 101 class at my college - something I never imagined would be a source of peace for me.  When I sit and participate in that class, I - all during the class - feel G-d's presence AND promise for His people.

One of the major issues I have faced with people who are opposed to certain cultures, is relaying in a calm and collected way that we cannot put any kind of curse on G-d's people - His believers.  During shabbat service this morning, there was a word spoken that struck me deeply; "We cannot put a dark curse over any people, but we certainly cannot put a light curse over them as well..." (Paraphrased from Rev. J. Weiss).  To put even a light curse over a people or one person, is just as malicious as cursing them to hell.  For all the time that I have had friends, known people, and have interacted with people, I have never known someone to NOT curse the French people.  Even I am guilty of having  done it in the past...  They are victims of extreme stereotypes and ignorance over their culture, yet they still believe in G-d, they still do not hate other nations.  The Jews in France are also a very persecuted people, and one area that G-d is moving me towards, is sharing the Gospel in France; not to condemn them for their religious practices, but to reveal to them that their faith has never been in vein.

I have very close ties in France, ties that were not made by accident, but to show me the absolute need for the revelation of Truth.  That their faith is one that will endure, because they were born out of endurance.  They are very close to Israel, and I will not let their people go unnoticed...

I do realize that I, myself, will suffer persecutions for being an American that supports such a "rude" or otherwise stereotyped people.  I am prepared for backlash from family and friends, and indeed have already received some of it.  But my G-d sees no ethnicity other than believer or unbeliever.. He sees no words other than Life or death... He sees no pain that cannot be healed, and no past that cannot be delivered.  For our G-d is an awesome G-d, and in Him I WALK and LIVE, and have my being... and the gifts He has given me, and the prophecies, and the blessings, shall not fall to the ground, but shall be lifted up - high - to His feet.  And all the world will see Yeshua, because He is the King of all kings!

I ask only one thing of you... do not let the words of your mouth curse a people or person.  Do not make the effort to judge, but leave that to Him.  Bless those who desire blessing (and even do not desire it), for the L-rd is  our G-d, and in Him there is no evil.

G-d is moving me towards intercession for a particular nation, so I challenge you to seek your destination.  Where does G-d want to use you? Where is He moving you?  And what do you need to get there?  As for me, I needed (and still need) to receive healing for my temper;  I am a woman of a hot headed nature, and I know in my heart that Yeshua will not move me out of this place until the day comes that I can not only listen calmly to "trash talk", but respond with nothing but absolute love and compassion... I am not there yet... but only in Him will that come to me. 

Shabbat shalom everyone,
HG - The author of this here blog.

P.S. This blog isn't going anywhere - don't be confounded by the title of this post.  I will likely be posting here forever and ever! Amen!

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  1. What a wonderful post. Let me encourage you to cling to that burden you have for the French. I have never experienced anything more wonderful than partaking in the love God has for a particular people. Let it wash over you. Protect that love and burden like a crown. The evil one will try to distract you, and will try to take it away. You never, ever have to compromise. Have courage, and bless you.

    Hopefully it's not too strange receiving this from a stranger! I have just resonated with what you said here. I am a gentile, Mennonite lad, who wants to dedicate his life to witnessing to Jews, especially in Israel. My people tend to be quite hostile toward Israel, and I know many people don't understand.

    I also know I've been distracted, and that I haven't nurtured that passion for God's children in the way I should have. Nevertheless, I press on. How wonderful it is, Hannah, that we have brothers and sisters in this world who also passionately seek to follow after Adonai.