Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Kitty Story

Recently, I have been privileged with the call to minister to friends and family; noting that I am in no way certified nor traditionally educated in any form of ministry, I find it an honor to be called to minister in certain peoples lives - most notably friends and family, although there are few strangers who are touched by words and actions that reflect the love of Messiah. In turn I am (and feel) blessed to be at a point in my life where I can begin to exude the essence of Messiah's love and compassion.  Daily I find things that need improvement, as well as things that need to be gotten rid of all together - this is why I value friendship, as well as the leadership within my congregation that does not take discipleship lightly, but keeps it as a G-dly burden upon their hearts.  Few people are truly called to be leadership in the congregation, but all people are called to be leaders in all aspects of their lives - whether in family, friends, work, and other relationships; we were not created in His image to be bystanders, but rather the ones rushing past the sedentary and complacent.  We were never meant to be quenched until we receive the ultimate goal: Seeing His face, looking directly into His eyes, and as we gaze into His eyes, not being able to contain our utter Joy for His Glory.

He is an amazing G-d.  What else can be said about a Father who loved us to death (literally)?

In fact, there is much to be said about Him, but all of these words mean only one thing... Summed up in John 3:16-17 (A verse some of us were taught from the moment we were born, and others who have never even read this scripture, nor heard of this book): "For G-d loves us so much, that He came into flesh, and His body died.  Not to condemn us, nor to accuse us, but that we would realize His complete and perfect love, that we too will be redeemed."*

For not even death could keep us from His Great Love, as proven within scripture.

The other night I experienced a wonderful illustration of not only His great love, but how we as the body of Messiah should love in return:

"I decided about 5 minutes ago (2:43am) to swaddle myself in my quilt and chill on my couch until I fall asleep.. so I picked up my kitty (who was sound asleep on more covers than she needed), picked up my quilt from beneath her, then set her lovingly back on her warm spot. She looked up at me all sleepy eyed, jumped off my bed and proceeded to follow me into my living room. After I settled myself, she kneaded my feet, on which she is now sleeping - which brings me to this...

If we all acted as the true body of Messiah, we would - when our Father, Yeshua picks us up - yawn, stretch perhaps, gaze at Him sleepy eyed, then proceed to follow Him to a safer place. And when we reached our destination... we would lay at His feet, as though nothing happened. We would resume our assigned post of being curled up and comfy right where we belong.. at our Father's feet."

Indeed, our place is in the comfort of our Messiah. It doesn't matter who we are, where we are, and it certainly doesn't matter what we've been through.  Men and Women alike, He loves us, and we are all His babies.

 Good night!

*Original interpretation based on John 3:16-17 of the Holy Bible, NIV (New International Version).

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