Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Introspective Reality

Today I was faced with a simple question: "What do you want to do?"  This question was not referring to this moment, tomorrow, nor was inquiring into the weeks ahead of me.  This was a question regarding my passions, desires, and utmost feelings of want and pleasure within my daily life.  It took very little for me to answer this question, as the first thing that came to my mind was the career that has been laid upon my heart - "Archaeology!"  I was, however, forced to think about this... If Archaeology is my true desire and passion, then what makes it so?  I am a singer, dancer, writer, painter, and a photographer... so why not pursue my love of these artistic endeavors?

Then the answer came to me.  I began to write, and the answer as to why archaeology specifically is what G-d has called me to became so clear... I will not be giving anything up through pursuing that part of my life...

I want to dig in the dirt, and feel the desert breeze on my face
I want to to stay up nights, with the feel of the excitement of another world
I want to see, feel, and touch history
the history that the world has so long denied
I want to breath in the air of the Holiness of G-d
I want to smell the fresh market in the downtown 
I want to live with people I don't know, but treat me like family
because I am there
I want to dwell in the Joys and Triumphs of my L-rd
and not grieve, nor mourn, but love those who are lost

I want to sing the Praises of the King

and dance as though no one is watching
But everyone is watching
I want to beat on drums, tambourines, cymbals, walls, carpets, dogs and cats*
and whatever is in my reach that will bring music and Joy in the Name of the L-rd...

I want to live with Him

my G-d
in a never ending
never ceasing wonder that is His Glory

I want to see Him return

And when He returns
I will look Him in the eyes
and say, "I love You."

My love for the Holy Land of Israel is nothing short of a desire to be even closer to my G-d, Yeshua the Messiah.  One thing I realize is that the call to live in Israel must first be upon the heart of G-d - not all believers are  called to live in the Land, but not all those who live their are believers.  I know I have also been called to spend time in Australia, as well as more time here, in the United States.  I love the people of G-d! Whether Jew or Gentile, we are His children! His love for us is intense, and we cannot yet comprehend it completely - which makes it even more lovely to pursue!  After all, who would desire a love that could be figured out, analyzed, and debunked?  Part of faith and knowledge is believing that when we see Him face to face, we will be in a place of understanding, and be able to fully embrace His love for us. 

Love is a lost concept in the believing community, and very few of us endeavor to make it a priority.  But love is the complete definition of G-d.  When He fights for us, it's because of love.  When He disciplines us, it is because of love.  When He sends us through the fire of trials, it is because He loves us, and desires us to experience growth.  There is not one thing He does that does not come from His absolute love and adoration of us - we are His Children! We are His babies!  He loves us, even the worst of us - even the most angry, the most sinful.  He loves thieves, murderers, liars, prostitutes, rapists, as much as He loves saints, deacons, Rabbi's, prophets, and intercessors.  The difference is He knows who is lost, and sends His saints and servants to them to help and intercede for them.  He lives His life to know us.  He lives His life to speak and interact with us - to intercede for us! He never gets tired of our talk - never gets tired of our lives! For all the crime we have committed (against Him, and against each other), He will never cease to take Joy in our growth, and send help to those who need it - even if they don't know it.  All good things come from the L-rd, and all bad things come from the adversary.

Have a blessed night/day, and always remember how G-d is living to know you.

*I don't actually beat on dogs and cats, I was just using creative imagery.

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