Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"And from the ashes, she heard a song..."

The third stanza in a long-form poem that I am currently writing, tentatively titled, "And From the Ashes, She Heard a Song..."

And from the ashes, she heard a song,
And that song was good.
And the L-rd said to her,
“Sing child, for you are no longer silent!”
And when she opened her lips
The sound of doves, lions,
Beasts and tears poured forth from her mouth.
And she became whole.
And then on that day, her life began.
For unto us, a child is born.
And this child is HE who has redeemed.
And every tear shall be dried,
And every sorrow shall be kept upon His breast.
Yet there will be those who hate Him,
Reject and despise Him.
And He shall be called Emanuel,
And from that Name a great wonder shall begin!
Life shall spring forth out of darkness,
And those living shall recognize the dead.
And those who walked in death
Shall be born into new life,
And we shall call Him Father…
And a great song of eternity shall resound
Upon the lips of all who believe!
And all that love Him
Shall endure forever, and ever.
And He shall be called incredible counselor,
Mighty G-d,
Everlasting Father,
The Prince of Peace!
And we shall know Him by the countenance of His love…

This is a rough draft, so I will be working out the "kinks" after I finish the entire work.

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