Tuesday, December 25, 2012


All who have ears let them hear!  All who have eyes let them see...

There is coming a time when our very foundations will be shaken.  We will be tested beyond our capabilities of strength, perseverance, will, and decision.  But for the elite, our faith and promise in the L-rd will never cease, but will make a resounding noise upon the earth, that all creation will cry the name "YESHUA!"  Be not afraid, for we shall not tarry.  All those who have ears let them hear.. the day of the L-rd is at hand! We will Rejoice in the Name! HaShem! The name of G-d...

And when the time is nearing, all creation will cry "Holy! Holy! Holy is the L-rd, G-d Almighty! The L-rd of hosts shall be given His Glory!"

Magnified and Sanctified is the Name of the L-rd, who has driven evil from our lands, who has given us freedom to walk in His footsteps.  Magnified and Sanctified is the great name of the Aleph to the Tav, the beginning and the end, the Lamb who was lead to the slaughter by the hands of those who proclaimed His magnificence.  Be Magnified, Oh L-rd, for You are highly exalted... Be sanctified, L-rd, through the body of the Lamb.  Do not show mercy to our iniquities!  Do not give us the chance to fall away! ..Oh L-rd you have not... but we, ourselves, have ignored your plea of love, of redemption, o sanctity... through blood and water fell the broken heart of Israel... and little solace to our grief, until you had risen to complete the prophecy... and still we deny you... and we the are stuck in our ways...

L-rd DESTROY our iniquities, that we may live in your light! That we may dwell in your house!  Do not tolerate my sin, for I am selfish, prideful, inadequate to be my own judge! L-rd, destroy my flesh, that I may dwell in your Kingdom unhindered.

And the angels will cry: "KADOSH! KADOSH! KADOSH! HOLY ARE YOU L-RD! WHO HAS GIVEN US FREE WILL!"  Holy are you L-rd, who has given us your flesh... But destroy our lesh, L-rd, that we might not choose this life.

Magnified, Sanctified is the name of G-d, the G-d of Israel.  Magnified, Lauded, Sanctified is the great name...  And see... G-d's glory is with mankind.  He, Himself, and G-d with us.. He shall be our G-d and we His people.  And the angels will proclaim His glory, and on our watch, the darkness will flee.

And the sea was no longer there... and out of heaven came a new earth - the New Jerusalem.  And all the crying, mourning, death and pain was wiped clean, for the Glory of heaven has been revealed.  And in that day we will rejoice, and sing aloud!  That we will have no reason to become weary, that the Messiah, G-d, has taken our burdens and threw them into the blackness.

And death was no longer their... for a new heaven and a new earth - and G-d shall reign!  And He will wipe away every tear from eye...  and We will sing: "KADOSH! KADOSH! KADOSH! ADONAI TS'VAOT!  Glory to G-d in the HIGHEST!  THE EARTH IS FILLED WITH YOUR GLORY!"

Magnified and Sanctified, is the Great name of Yeshua... and in all the earth, and all creation, and the Kehilah will say... Amen.

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