Wednesday, December 26, 2012

"Lovely Sacrifice"

I have loved you
I have loved you...

Come unto me
the sorrow of your world
To exist in me
is the freedom in which you have chosen

Come unto me
My love
My son
Dream of me
in a vast array of colors
and light

Seek my face
that you will be called unto the throne
Seek my presence
in the face o turmoil
Seek me..

Love me, that I may love you
Know me, that I may know you
Seek my face...

Come unto me, my perfect love
Come unto me my bride
Come, drink!
For the water of spring shall never run dry

Come unto me, you traveler
You weary soul
Come unto rest
Become my servant
That you will be served
Become my bride
that you will be cherished
upon a thrown and a crown
upon your head

Wrap yourself in light
That you may see my face
Do not be in the dark
For the dark causes fault, and stumbling

Come unto me
All you who are weary
That you may seek my rest
All you who are scared
And lost
Come unto me

Enter the Sabbat
as a new creation
that your iniquities will be wiped away
that your heart will be made new
that your passion will have purpose
that I love you...

And come unto me
that you will become my child
who began to stray
but was beckoned back to me
by the shepherds of my flock

I do not want you to go
I do not want you to stray
But stay with me
Drink with me
Be rereshed with me
That you will know I AM G-d
For I delight in your presence
And you make me whole

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