Friday, July 20, 2012

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Tonight I was inspired to write a short blog for the non-Jewish believers; both those who attend a Messianic congregation, as well as those who dwell within Gentile congregations.

For a short blog, I wanted to hit on the importance of Gentile believers, who are rapidly coming to the side of Israel... just to note, there are also many Gentile believers who have left Israel's side for the sake of political and social reasons.  But tonight I want to dedicate some time to the loyal few who are ushering in the Jewish Messiah within a Christian congregation:

To sum this up in a few words - all who believe that Y'shua is the Messiah and G-d have been redeemed from their iniquities.  The catcher is, the ones who will truly stand the test of time are the ones who love and support Israel as the home of our G-d.  There are many professed "believers" who live a hypocritical life in the sense that their system of faith is not based upon the teachings of the Torah/Y'shua, but single verses within the Old and New covenants that are left without proper interpretation.

With that said (and onward with the blog), there are many within various leadership positions (whether in the  home or the congregation) who abuse their position as the head of the household.  These people are most often the cause of religious rebellion, as well as permanent scars on the foreheads of those who remain within the faith.  These people are often the cause of such heinous acts of self-mutilation, and even suicide.*

For this reason (and many others), it is more important than ever that Christian and Jewish leaders be accountable for the things they have done.  Whether in the past, present, or any failing they will encounter in the future.  The leadership of the family, as well as the congregation are the example of the Messiah that He, Y'shua, has given us... when they fail that example, lives fall apart.  It is more often than not, that these leaders are part of the Gentile community.

As a restatement, the  Gentile believers are an essential part of those who wish to usher in the Messiah.**  It is prevalent that the popular media will pounce on those unsuspecting Christian ministers who make one or several mistakes; this then, is the image that is given to all believers. The image of lust, stupidity, ignorance, and anger is all too often portrayed as the truth of those who practice Y'shua-centric religions.  It has become that what the Gentile does is a reflection of all those who believe.  In this sense, it is important educate, comfort, and sympathize with our non-Jewish friends.  It is important that those who seek comfort within the congregation are fostered, loved, and understood beyond that of a Christian label.  It is important that we who are Jewish born, become vigilant to those who are new to the faith (and even those who have not made their decisions).

If we are to undo the trauma that religious abuse has done, we cannot do the same to those who surround us...

..."but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved. And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come..." Matthew 24:13-14 NIV

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*I call these acts heinous not because of judgement, but because I cannot find another word to describe the pain that many suffer on a daily basis.

**Although I refer to the Gentile as being essential to the ushering of Messiah, it is Biblical that it will not happen without the Jewish people coming to faith

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