Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sometimes I have dreams.  Sometimes they have meaning, other times they are incredible.  Last night I had one of those dreams that I will remember for a very long time...

...For the past three nights, I have had trouble sleeping more or less.  Well I suppose I should say that I haven't been sleeping.  I had captured few hours of what scientists call "light sleep", in which I do not attain the REM state, but am still aware of my surroundings.  This is troublesome, as I had not received rest in the last three nights.

Last night was different.

I was lying in bed, neither in REM sleep nor in "light sleep".  I was wide awake.  I prayed for sleep, as I usually do, though this night, like the last few nights, the sleep wouldn't come.  I cannot honestly say when I began dreaming, but I do know that I closed my eyes and was in a very dark place.  I won't go into a discussion about hell, the abyss, or sheol (or whatever it is that you feel like calling it), however whatever your name for it is, I was there.  This is not a new phenomenon, as I have spent many nights fighting my way through the depths.

It was only a few moments though, and in all honesty, I cannot remember the circumstances which lead to His arrival.  I do remember calling out His name, and a door opened somewhere above my head.  I could hear it open, an age old door that creaked as if it had been opened constantly.  Light flooded the box - as in every instance, hell is a box, within a box, and within several more boxes, with each box progressively more terrifying.  The light was relentless, and filled every part of the torment.  A man walked through the door, and like previous occasions, when this man came into my presence, the torment ceased to function.  This man that came through the door was tall, nearly or over 300 feet tall.  He was broad and strong enough to defeat any terror, as well as to shoulder any and all burdens.

This man presented me with a kitten - a small kitten with black ears, black head, black body, and white face. This kitten was asleep, and peaceful, and slept in my left arm as my right hand gently touched his head.  When the man went back through the door (He was briefly out of my vision), the kitten stayed with me.  Terror again attempted to infiltrate my being, but in every instance that they tried to capture me, the kitten slowly let out a breath, as though he was holding it in anticipation.  In every instance that this kitten breathed, peace flooded my being.  I kissed the kittens head, and his white face.

Again, the enemy tried to infiltrate me, with microscopic bugs, they began to crawl on me, and bite my skin...  the man again came to me, fully infuriated by these.  Though His fury was not reflected in anger, but in an ever-present glow.  He came to me, and I asked him a simple question... "Can I take the kitty home?"  His reply was equally as simple, and with a smile so bright He said "No, because you already have two kitties, and you couldn't take care of another."  ...This is true.  I neither have the room nor finances to foster another precious kitten...

...The man left my sight yet again, however I was not afraid.

The kitten was still with me.

I began to wander.  I'm not sure where, though the darkness was thick.  I saw two people - two people whom I love, respect, admire.  I looked for a second, and the woman was glowing, and so was the man - though it wasn't the same man as before.  I looked at the woman and said, "You are an Angel..." She gave me single thumb-up.  She and the man took me in their arms, and we began fly (fly, float, levitate.. whichever suits you).  I still had my kitten.

They both brought me to the King, and this time He said to me, "I want to show you something."  When He said this, He passed through a gate, then He rolled away a stone wall.  Again, an enduring light shown in that place, and flooded me.  He passed through the stone wall (in which He rolled away), and then... He returned.

Music flooded my ears, and I said to Him in a loud and childish voice, "Are you REALLY coming back soon?  PLEASE come back soon!"  He smiled a teasing* smile, one that I still feel as I write this, and although I did not see them, the man and the woman were rejoicing.

I woke up that afternoon.  And as I walked downstairs, I stumble upon my own kitten... a brown and red haired tabby, of whom I call "the little lion of Judah."

I have had many dreams like this.  And I often tell my friends, whom I trust, love, and admire, that these are the moments in which the Lamb and I are closest.  Although this is slightly inaccurate, because Y'shua is always with me - right by my side - and I know He will never let me go.

Good day,

*When I was writing "teasing smile", I kept writing "teaching" instead.  And so it goes that He has a teaching smile, much like he teases us with hints of His kingdom, like a father teases their little baby.

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