Sunday, October 12, 2014


Sometimes when I'm pouring over my Sophomore texts, and I'm zooming through the homework I feel Him bend down to whisper in my ear, "it's happening..." And then I see it... His plan for me in only a glimpse; anywhere I want to go. I see myself comparing Oxford and Cambridge, or University of Bordeaux. He shows me packing my things for Willian & Mary; internships in Israel, Greece and France. Then I see books, research papers, lecture tours, vacations back home simply to antagonize my brother... Maybe so our kids can have a relationship with their aunt and uncle... And bragging to him that I dug up an Assyrian toilet (since every archaeologist seems to find a toilet).

Then, of course, He reminds me that I have to finish my homework... *sighs* Yes, Abba, homework is nearly finished.

Friday, September 26, 2014

The Beauty of the Sword

From Facebook:
I've been thinking a lot about certain aspects of my life that I have triumphantly gotten over, now moving on to removing the pricks of the horse hairs from the whip of the adversary.  It's not difficult.  Tiresome? Emotional? Sometimes overwhelming? Definitely yes, but not difficult, nor scary for the most part.  So much confirmation has been coming to where the L-rd is moving me (academically and professionally), and the best part is that I no longer feel the necessity to move on my own authority. I just wait for His Mighty Wind to blow, and then I let go; then I drift away.  But not on some dreamy cloud; I drift on a the Chariot of His Word, carrying His sword in my right hand, His shield in my left. Considering - analyzing - where to thrust my sword, where to deflect the words of the evil tongue, and where to forge ahead.

During my own private studies and devotions, I often relate to the physical scene of battle and poetry and philosophy (it's just how I flow with things since I'm very fascinated with the three aforementioned subjects).  It gives me a good frame of reference that I can carry with me effortlessly at home, work, and school.  The Word of G-d should be held like a well fitted sword:

  • It should be effortless to carry with you, becoming an extension of your most useful hand.
  • It should be practiced with daily, keeping your strength, agility, and familiarity consistent.
  • It should be fitted, and not taken as a last ditch weapon, held and crafted with care through your own fire and furnace that the L-rd has provided.
  • It should be kept on your person, never allowing any other to take control.

It's important to know your own strengths and capabilities, not leaving any weak part unguarded. When you wield your sword (the finely tuned, crafted, hammered, and forged Word of G-d in you), it is essential that you know what you're doing.  Using any weapon, to include prayer, can be dangerous; even if the intentions are golden, there is still a sharp end to all swords.  It is essential that you learn how to use your weapon as an expert before entering into battle.  Anyone who is familiar with a physical sword (as opposed to spiritual) will tell you that it is not something anyone can pick up and use effectively on the first time touching it. So, we practice. We practice prayer on a daily basis, reading and learning scripture, some specialize in the weapon of dance, singing, chanting, teaching, or otherwise; these are all to be practiced.

Not only is practice important to effective swordsmanship, but practicing correctly, that we are fitted with His Word, knowing it intimately so that it may be recalled with ease.

Furthermore, we should also know where the biggest threats are (certainly a master swordsman wouldn't get caught up in a life-or-death battle with a novice).  It's important to learn the footwork, the strength, the balance, the terminology in most cases for good communication.  But as one progresses, they learn how to delegate: Where to send the troupe so they're just above evenly matched, allowing them to succeed, without trouble, in battle.

The last note, being one of major importance.  In some classic French literature, it is often noted that handing off your sword to another, whether friend or foe, is handing off any control you have over your own life.  In essence, handing your sword is asking to be slaughtered by it.

Keeping your sword on you assures that we are the only ones wielding it.  When we learn how to use our swords (prayer, dance, music, art, science, etc), we also should learn the rule of thumb - keep you sword on you.  Remain the only one who wields it.  

It is always good to have counsel, learning from others with similar styles of armory, but it is never a smart maneuver to hand over the complete weapon.  Even those who have no intent to harm you may be thrown by the difference in balance, and even if death does not occur, a damaged eye or limb permanently effects the warrior indefinitely, making it a necessity to retreat and retraining.

Shabbat shalom everyone.

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Picture, bottom left: Taken in my home from my Android.

Monday, September 22, 2014

"An Excerpt from a Dream"

"...My G-d, my G-d, why have You forsaken me?" He said.
And sometimes I wonder what He meant.
"Were You really suffering?
Were You really in pain?"
And when I feel this depressed,
I'm so tempted to let Him slide by.
When I'm this depressed,
The temptation comes
to not even to speak to You at all.

And is often too great.

Yet He gave us words.

"You are G-d, You could have abandoned it all
for a Him to be a shell of man."

Nothing but an empty shell.

Because You weren't contained by the flesh.
But by Your Will to save us.

You heard me crying then,
alone and cold;
crying out for the answers to come,
and when You heard me crying You cried
on my behalf.

"Father, father, why have You Forsaken Me?"

I guess the answers came when You died...

Monday, August 4, 2014


Thanks for your patience, I know there's been a lack of posting, but it's all due to me not having a computer with internet access.  I will be way more active fairly soon, posting more writings and such, so sit tight, the Internet has not yet completely disappeared!

Also... Keep a look-out for some new projects coming up: Photomacrography, artwork, and some other things I've been up to... Good night!

Monday, June 9, 2014

The Joy of the L-rd is our strength...

"The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and he helps me. My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise him." - Psalm 28:7 (NIV)

Often a hard thing to remember; the L-rd endures our suffering with us, as He dwells in Eternity and forever He is crucified with us.  His Great Love is amazing, never ceasing, and ever enduring. even through all things that we ourselves could not conceive as being a trauma in our lives.  He knows, sees, hears, and feels - and has authority over - all that we go through.  Give it to Him, that you will be free.


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

SEX IS FOR PLEASURE - a spoken word poem

(*NOTE*:  I know spoken word is traditionally done by audio / video only, but I wanted to release this first draft to you as soon as possible, so this is in writing only.  This is a very personal poem, and written from experiences I've had - I wrote this out of a feeling of urgency to speak to the increasing acceptance and promotion of pre-marital, immoral sexual activity that has become rampant in young men and women today.  I hope you can take something away from this.)

From the writer of Unaccustomed to Simplicity

I just saw a title or an article
It was curious and grotesque
A newsflash of research
Burned harshly into the left side
Of my brain
And here I am, fighting my urge… To scream
What would happen if we told our children
That our bodies are not a temple
Push a button and release the chemicals
Submit to our flesh and reap the benefits
Of self-abuse

I saw a title
And I had to fight the urge to scream
Because growing up for me
Was obscene
Being told that sex is for pleasure
Seeking men to redeem
And they to redeem me
Forgetting or not knowing that hookers get paid
All I got was laid
And pregnant at least once…
But that didn't count because
My father told me that sex is for pleasure
And daddy knows best
So I never questioned
Every man that [put] every suicidal thought in me
Every girl who said men are dirt
And still broke up with me
Every married couple
Who thought it’d be best to try something new
And everything that I’d done to myself
Like knives, scissors, my own fists and glue
Came from my father’s teaching
That sex is for pleasure

…Every dream I have about demons haunting me…
…Every time I’ve been raped by the adversary…
…Every thought that I’m not good enough
Because I started young and can’t seem to please myself
Even when I do math, or English or P90X
Nothing is good enough
Because the one thing I was good for
The one thing my father praised
Died with him in the grave…
Every time I bend to my knees
And Jesus tells me, “I made you good”
And I tell Him back, “I’m not good enough.”
And He still tells me, “You’re my princess and child.”
And I fight Him all over again
And He’s relentless and I’m a failure and He’s relentless…
And then I break

And He makes me whole for another time

And I begin to learn that sex isn't for pleasure…

It’s a promise and a dream
A land unbeknownst to me
A gift given by the King that one day a man will desire me
For my wit and experience IN LIFE and not in bed
That he will meet me and see purity
And not what my father said
That all I’m good for is to be played with
And all I can do is underneath the sheets
And that man will see me as a woman of G-d and an heir to His throne
And that man will tell me one thing…

“…And G-d Himself lay Adam on the ground
And dug so deep into his core
And pulled out his rib to make room for one more
A companion and friend
That is good for one thing
To be the daughter of the most High King;
To be my wife and best friend
And to listen and to speak
And to help me in all things
And to make herself vulnerable to me;
To hear with me the Word G-d promised
Because I myself was told
That there’s only one thing I’m good for
And that myth was sold and purchased by the blood
Redeeming my heart like a ticket that is non-refundable
Because my Father in heaven kept telling me one thing”

“You are my son and daughter, and I, your King”

Indeed sex is for pleasure, but that’s the last thing…

Redeeming the flesh from impurity
Bringing you closer to me
Knowing you as no one else does
Because you’re MY LOVE

What if we admitted to our children that sex is for pleasure?

We’d have to be prepared to say a whole lot more.

(Artwork: and

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Random writing from tonight

There are times when all you know is the desperation of pain
Sullen to the world, ignoring the Kingdom manifest
The temptation of pain is something too much
For a kid walking down a rough narrow road
And the dust kicks in your eyes to tell you, "fall down."
And the night shines its light as if to mock you when you're on the run
And the rock scrapes your knee
As you tumble to the dirt
Face plant; rant; becoming one with the earth
And the sting in your eyes makes you squint and shut 'em tight
But the blood on your knee out-cries the blood in your mouth

Face plant

But along came a Soldier, unfit for the filth
Wiping down the dusty heads that crossed His path
He laughs and shines all through His own death
But never once planted His face in anything less than a crown fit for royalty

Or the breast of the Father

And the blood on my teeth, mocking my own head
Screeched and howled as the Man walked ahead of me
And when He looked back He saw a pitiful kid
Wreathing, screaming, and howling in sorrows

He didn't seem to mind

And He fetched a pale, dipped the well, and gave me a drink
As if I WERE fit for a palace
Dabbing the dry spots, drying the soaking tears
And all I had left...

Was dignity.